Online Dating Profile Builder for Men

For Men in their 20's

Where are you stuck? Writing the opening lines of your profile, describing the kind of girl you’re looking for, or constructing emails and messages that will get responses? This book is your tool. It’s meant to be used like a menu to mix and match the pieces that reflect you as well as to give you the language to start a meaningful conversation with that girl you’d like to get to know but are afraid of scaring away. 

For Men in their 30's

Being in your 30s is a crazy, awesome, scary time of life. It’s a time of huge personal growth and figuring out (perhaps not for the first or last time) who you are and what you want out of life. Lots of you are looking for more than a fun date—you’re looking for a serious relationship and a life partner.  This book follows the basic format of who you are, who and what you’re looking for, what you should say when you’re ready. 

For Men in their 40's +

You’re probably considering online dating. Maybe you’re already sold on the idea, or you’re not quite sure if it’s such a great idea. The reality is that most people are like you—looking for a quality person to get to know and possibly have a relationship with. This book will guide you through constructing your profile, essay questions, describing your ideal woman, and sending out emails to women.