Online Dating Profile Builder for Men

“Just Tell Me What To Say” gives you the exact words to say. 

A dating profile that gets noticed

Where do I start?

Marketing yourself to women is HARD, but “Just Tell Me What To Say” makes it easy, answering that all-important question, “What should I say?”

What do I say?

If you’re stuck on the opening lines of your profile or the opening line of a message or email, this book offers proven ways get responses.

Who am I looking for?

Describing your perfect match requires writing the perfect words on your dating profile. “Just Tell Me What To Say” gives you the tools you need to find love.

So what is this book?

Okay, let's say you’ve signed up for a dating site. That’s the easy part. The hard part is… everything else. 

You’re probably staring at the computer screen with the same questions: 

  • How do I sum myself up in an interesting way? 
  • How do I describe who I’m looking for? 
  • What emails will get me the most responses from the women I’m interested in?

“Just Tell Me What To Say” is the only book series out there that answers all of these questions and more by giving you the exact words to say. Use the book like a menu to describe you and who you’re looking for. Then use it to draft your emails. The copy and paste nature of this book allows you to set up a killer profile and write your first emails in twenty minutes flat. This book does all the hard parts of online dating for you, saving time and helping you to skip to the fun part—dating! Super secure ordering...get the book now! It could change your life.